Houston Plumber Best of All in TX Says Angie’s List

Houston Plumber, TX

Houston now can claim their local Houston plumber is the best plumber in the state of Louisiana!  Why?  Angie’s List says so.  Angie’s List collects and ranks ratings from real verified users on a wide range of services. Aspects such as professionalism, price and performance are all reviewed, and customers have the freedom to say anything and everything they like.

Needless to say, earning a high rating on Angie’s List can only come as the result of a history of hard work, top-level service and extremely happy customers. Angie’s List rewards the ‘best of the best’ on a yearly basis. These hard-to-attain awards speak volumes about the level of service customers can expect from a company, and Mock Plumbing Repairs has achieved this best-of-the-best status not once, but in three separate categories!

Of the 2012 awards, Mock has won Best Plumber, Best in Drain Cleaning and Best in Water Heaters. These awards not only show that Mock is the best and most customer-approved overall plumber in the area, but also that they excel in the specialty areas of drain cleaning and water heater maintenance and repair.



Plumbing is a very broad category, and also one of the most popular searches on Angie’s List. While choices are great for consumers, they can also make the task of finding a reliable plumber a frustrating one. When a plumbing emergency occurs in the middle of the night, searching through pages of potential plumbers is the very opposite of convenience!

Thankfully, Angie’s List awards take a large amount of the guesswork out of finding a great plumber. Mock’s outstanding record of customer satisfaction and quality work has earned them the prestigious “Best Plumber” award in their area, which includes all other Prarieville Plumbers and Sugar Land Plumbers. This means that potential customers can choose Mock with total confidence, knowing that many customers just like themselves have been completely satisfied with the work of this reliable, veteran-owned company.


Drain Cleaning

In areas with a lot of water, keeping drains flowing freely is a top concern. This is another area in which Mock has earned top honors on Angie’s List. Mock has years of experience and satisfied customers in the field of drain repairs, letting customers know that by choosing Mock, their complicated (and often costly) drain issues will be handled professionally, priced reasonably and, most importantly, done right the very first time.


Water Heaters

We rely on water heaters to provide hot water for our showers, baths, washing dishes and many other common, everyday tasks. Unfortunately, we usually don’t pay any attention to our water heaters until they fail. Leaving us shivering after a cold-shower blast. Mock has excelled in this field of plumbing as well, establishing themselves as the best water heater installation and service company in the state. Whether you need a brand new heater installed, or a faulty heater serviced, Mock has the combination of reliability and expertise you need to get the job done right.


And Let’s Not Forget:

Mock Plumbing also won for Gas Leaks, and Bathroom and Kitchen Remodeling, which are also our specialty.
Your Bottom Line

With a broad service range encompassing the greater Sugar Land area, Mock is ready and waiting to help you with any plumbing issues you may encounter. Backed by years of satisfied customer reviews and now by the coveted “Best Of” Angie’s’ List awards, Mock Plumbing Repairs is a company you can trust. Quality plumbing requires experience, dedication and the most modern techniques available – Mock combines all these aspects with excellent customer service and friendly, knowledgeable employees. Whether you have an emergency such as a burst pipe or are looking to upgrade your aging water heater, you simply can’t make a better choice than Mock Plumbing Repairs!

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