Why Buy from Plumbing Supply Houses Only?

When you are purchasing new plumbing fixtures, it is highly recommended to buy them at Plumbing Supply houses rather than big chain hardware stores. What could be wrong with purchasing plumbing parts from your hardware store, you ask? For starters, big chain hardware stores are looking to cut their cost at the expense of other areas. One of them being Quality. Higher quality fixtures simply cost more to manufacture.

Breaking It Down: Why Buy from Plumbing Supply Houses?

These nationwide hardware warehouse stores negotiate prices with distributors and manufacturers of various plumbing parts. To cut costs, these manufacturing houses are forced to substitute some parts with cheaper alternatives. For example, at hardware chain stores, you might see faucets with plastic drain assemblies rather than brass assemblies. Plumbing Supply houses carry brass drains that are much more sturdier. Other than obvious differences, cutting costs sometimes means substituting with cheap parts on the inside of the fixture as well. And the customer is never the wiser!

Shoddy parts equate to a shorter life span. We find that customers who go with these cheaper options often need to have them replaced after 2-3 years. It is better to invest in higher quality fixtures through Plumbing Supply houses that will outlast lower quality options. Expertly installed top notch fixtures will also save you the frustration of having to go through the process of buying and getting the fixtures installed again after a couple of years.

Although fixtures available through Plumbing Supply houses are generally more expensive than at big box hardware stores, these parts are of a superior build and quality. No corners are cut in manufacturing them. Their superior build means they will last you hassle-free through many years of home ownership.

Expertise Derived From Decades of Knowledge

Plumbing Supply houses are niche outfits. This means that the staff are experts in the plumbing field. Their expertise comes from decades of knowledge. They have hands on experience on the various aspects of plumbing-whether that is in residential or commercial. When you go to a corporate hardware store, the chances of getting advice from such a qualified professional are slim. Getting incorrect advice can prove costly. And buying the wrong fixtures for the job at hand can be a source of annoyance. Make the safer choice and go with a Plumbing Supply House. It’s the right decision.

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