Plumbing Company Installs Gas Fireplace Log Systems

Gas Fireplace Log Systems

The popularity of gas fireplace log systems has been increasing in recent years. The gas fireplace log systems are more involved than the older gas pipe that has multiple holes in it which a flame is distributed across the fireplace.

Gas Logs are available as vented or vent-free systems. A vented system uses a fireplace stack/vent that extrudes through the roof while a vent-free system does not require any vent pipe. Also, many systems come compatible with a remote facilitating the on/off and temperature settings.

Gas fireplace logs

Gas fireplace logs give you all the warmth and ambiance of a real wood fire. Gas log systems burn either natural or propane gas thus very economical. The decision whether to go with natural gas or propane gas logs will be determined by the type of heating source that you presently have in your home. If you have gas in your house, but do not have gas ran to your fireplace one can expect to pay approximately $500 to add one. Call Mock Plumbing to receive a free quote for any gas log system installation.