Are you interested in finding out what any of the parts of a Gas Water Heater do?

But first an introduction: It is no secret that Gas Water Heaters are both economical and efficient. Demand for this type of water heater has gone up over the last few years, just as the cost of electricity has been rising.

The principle of convection in physics states that hot water will rise. This concept is exactly what allows gas water heaters to work so well. With that out of the way, here is a description of what each part does:

  • Cold water supply line: It transports the cold water thru the heater. It has a shutoff valve that usually is where maintenance is performed.
  • Hot water line: This line carries the hot water through the various areas of the house–hot water going to appliances like showers, tubs and sinks.
  • Dip tube: This tube is located inside the tank. It is the tube that brings cold water into the gas water heater. The burner heats the water that is transported by the dip tube.
  • Sacrificial anode: This component helps keep metal tanks from corroding. It is firmly attached at the top of the tank. Glass-lined tanks instead use a metal rod, usually made of magnesium or aluminum.
  • Gas burner control module: It serves as a thermostat where the gas line comes in. It also doubles as a control for the pilot light ignition.
  • Pilot light and gas burner: Self- explanatory; they are important parts of the gas water heater.
  • Gas combustion exhaust flue: This part removes the combustion gases from the burner. It also enables heat exchange by heating the water that is in the storage tank.
  • Pressure relief valve and discharge pipe: Sometimes, the ability of the tank to regulate increased pressure or temperature is not adequate. This pipe helps in the process of relieving excess pressure or temperature.

The above are all the parts in a gas water heater. When properly installed, a gas water heater will be working smoothly and flawlessly through out the years.

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