Water Heater Installation & Repair

Having Water Heater Issues?

Not having the perfect water temperature can be a real pain. Repairing or replacing a water heater can also be overwhelming when cost is factored in, but the benefit of water at a comfortable temperature is worth it.

Whether a water heater is gas or electric, issues can occur at any time. Sometimes a problem can be solved with a simple flip of a switch or turn of a dial, but without adequate knowledge and skills the problem may not seem as large as it is. Call the professionals at Mock Plumbing in Sugar Land to ensure the job is handled correctly the first time.

Signs of Water Heater Issues

Having the right information for your plumbing technician helps with the repairing process. Keep an eye out for common signs of water heater issues, including:

  1. Undesired water temperature (cold water or scalding water)
  2. Discolored water
  3. Noisy water heater
  4. Leaky water heater

In the event that the issue strictly resides in the water temperature, it may be a simple adjustment of the temperature dial. The definite way to know the water heater is repaired is to contact a professional.

Water Heater Installation and Repair Are No Fret for Mock Plumbing

If you are noticing any signs that it may be time for water heater repairs or installation of a new system, contact Mock Plumbing at 281-508-5991 to schedule an appointment.