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Have Tree Roots In Blocked Sewers in Sugar Land?

Homeowners in older homes often complain of frequent sewer blockages due to different reasons.  One particularly prominent factor is having the sewer be blocked by tree roots. Tree roots are very strong and sometimes can break into pipes to seek the water for their nourishment. 

Is the tree root really the culprit?

When dealing with repairs, particularly with sewer lines, it is best to be sure of the problem as much as you can be. Otherwise, you may end up with a lot of digging, lots of dirt, and a lot less money in the bank, without actually treating the problem. Therefore, we advise our customers that whenever they encounter a blocked sewer in Sugar Land, to call Mock Plumbing for the initial survey before the actual job begins.

If you think your sewer may be blocked by tree roots, Mock Plumbing can give you some pointers to help you confirm this. Get your hands on the site plans of your house to accurately trace the sewer line. Once you know which route the sewer mains take to the street, investigate the surrounding area. If there are any trees directly above or within 10 feet of the path, there is a very high probability that tree roots may be the cause of the blocked sewer, especially in Texas where tree roots are forced to spread out within a shallower depth range.  Many bigger trees have strong roots that run up to 30 feet and can also break the sewer lines to cause blockage because of this.

Of course, if your house’s sewer lines are PVC then there is very little chance that tree roots are the cause. Tree roots cause blocked sewers when clay pipes (as those in houses made prior 1970s) are used. Modern PVC is mostly impenetrable by tree roots and if your sewer is PVC and you still experience blocked sewer, it’s best to call a licensed Master Plumber for consultation and investigation of what the real cause is. 

Eliminating the Roots using Chemical Tree Root Killers

Chemicals to control tree roots in sewer lines are readily available at the local supermarket and hardware stores. The chemical is poured down the drains, typically the toilet, and is allowed to seep through the blocked sewer line to have its effect. The chemical eradicates the tree roots when it comes into contact with them and sufficient volume of this solution can be the solution to your tree root blocked sewer.  However overuse of these chemicals can also damage pipes, and if you use the wrong chemicals, you could be causing more problems than the one you are trying to solve.  If you are uncertain, call Mock Plumbing for any assistance or questions.

And of course, when dealing with such strong chemicals, always use safety precautions and read the instructions for any possible dangers (for example toxic fumes or corrosive nature). 

Blocked sewer in Sugar Land, call Master Plumber Mock Plumbing now

Of course, there are severe cases when the chemicals haven’t worked well enough and you still are left with the problem. Sometimes, the metal or clay pipes grow weak over time and collapse under the force from tree roots. This causes a situation where although tree roots caused the problem, the only solution is sewer line replacement.  Or there could be other factors involved, so to be certain, it’s best to call Mock Plumbing for professional advice. 

The expert plumbers and professionals at Mock Plumbing will be able to help you get to the root of the problem by their experienced deduction and the use of modern tools including the Borescope (a drain snake with a camera at the end).

With difficult jobs Mock Plumbing always advises its customers to request assistance from professionals to avoid any risks and hazards. Of course, when dealing with professional plumbers you will have the guarantee that the work has been done efficiently and correctly and you won’t have a blocked sewer in Sugar Land, call Mock now if you have one and we will see to the end of it.

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