Water Leak Tips from Sugar Land Plumbers

Sugar Land Plumber Mock Plumbing Fixing Water Leak

Water leaks in the home are both unpredictable and potentially troublesome. They can strike at any time and catch you completely off guard. Before you experience a water leak, Sugar Land plumbing experts Mock Plumbing offer the following advice.

Diagnosing Your Leaky Toilet

Like with many things, there are a number of ways in which you can locate the source of a water leak and Sugar Land experts sure do know best. Diagnosing can be done as follows:

Sound detection – Open the tank and listen for any kind of “hissing” sound. Find out where the sound is coming from and establish whether you can fix it yourself or not. If you can’t repair the water leak, call Sugar Land professional plumbers to take care of it for you.

Blue dye – Do this if you do not notice any “hissing” noise. Add a few drops of blue food coloring to the water in the tank (NOT in the bowl). If you see the blue dye enter the bowl area, then you have a leak in the flapper at the bottom of the tank. You can fix this yourself if you wish or, if you aren’t completely confident, get the water leak repaired by Sugar Land expert plumbers.

Diagnosing An Interior Versus An Exterior Water Leak – Sugar Land Expert Advice

To locate an exterior or interior water leak, Sugar Land trained professionals recommend that you follow these steps:

Locate the shut off valve and turn it off temporarily.

Once the water is off, check the meter to see if it is still turning.

If so, it’s likely that the leak is between your house and the meter.

If the meter is NOT turning, then the leak is somewhere in the house.

If the leak is outside, walk from the meter to the house and look for wet areas.

Sugar Land Plumbers Explain How to Locate a Water Heater Leak

When looking for this kind of water leak, Sugar Land sanitation professionals recommend that you first locate the pressure relief value of the tank. Check the drain pipe or listen for a “hissing” noise.

Hose Bib, Faucet and Shower Valve Leaks

Start by locating your home’s hose bibs.

Use a long metal screw driver and place the tip directly on the metal portion of the hose bib

Place your thumb knuckle on the top of the screwdriver and the side of your head (just in front of the ear) against your knuckle.

Listen for any noises.

The hose bib with the loudest noise is closest to the leak.

If you hear no noise, repeat this process with all the faucets, valves, etc. in the house. Check the shower head for leaks too.

When you find the water leak, call your Sugar Land plumber if you can’t repair it yourself.

Locating Another Water Leak With Sugar Land Expert Advice

Check garden hoses, taps and drip irrigation systems.

Check every part of the swimming pool for possible leaks.

This information will help you detect the water leak before Sugar Land plumbers are able to make it out to assist you. When performing such water leak detection, Sugar Land experts no longer need to spend time looking for it themselves. Saving time saves you money in the end.

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