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Even though it doesn’t sound like much, having a faucet leak can be a huge problem. If you happen to have a faucet leak, a Sugar Land plumbing company Mock Plumbing is there to help you understand the main causes of it.

Sometimes a faucet leak is just a simple problem that can be fixed with good home tools, and sometimes it can be just a tip of an iceberg. It can happen that you start fixing it, don’t do it properly and end up spending over 1000 dollars instead of the planned 100. Also, leaky faucet can cause you to lose gallons of water. Not only will this problem lead to huge water bills, but it will also be very bad for the environment. 

No more mysteries about leaky faucet – Sugar Land plumbing company will teach you what the main causes are.

Faucet Leak – Sugar Land plumbing company explains about the damaged O ring

In order to understand this problem, first you have to know what O ring is. In your faucet, there is a stem screw that is used to hold the handle of the faucet in place. A small disc called O ring is attached to it.

Whenever you use the faucet you move the mechanism, so there is a big chance of O ring becoming loose or worn out. When this happens, your faucet starts leaking or dripping close to the handle.

Valve seat corrosion – Second source of a faucet leak – Sugar Land based Mock Plumbing explains why 

Inside of every faucet there is a valve seat. It connects faucet and the spout. Since, there is always water that runs through the faucet, small part of it accumulates and sediments. This causes corrosion in the valve seat. You can recognize this issue by leakage around the spout.

Faucet Leak – Sugar Land plumbing company explains about loose parts

Since faucet is in use day in and day out, it is not strange that its parts often become loose. This problem can be diagnosed by leakage from the handle or around it. In order to fix this issue you either need to tighten the packing nut or, if this doesn’t work, replace the whole faucet.

Worn out inlet and outlet seals

Inlet and outlet seal problem is kind of similar to valve seat corrosion. It is caused by water that accumulates and sediments within the assembly. Water causes seals to wear out. You will recognize this issue when you see that the faucet drips. Mock Plumbing can help you clean your seals regularly or duplicate them and prevent this problem.

Cracked pipes – One of the causes of leaky faucet – Sugar Land plumbing company explains why 

In case you have cracked pipes, none of the above mentioned applies. This case is rare, but it does happen. If the pipes are broken, your faucet will leak from time to time. This is one of those situations when it is better not to fix things yourself. You may cause more damage if you don’t know what you are doing. Better get the leaky faucet fixed by the Sugar Land plumbing company and save yourself from trouble.

Faucet Leak – Sugar Land plumbing company explains about leaking due to worn out washer

This problem is very common. You can diagnose it if you see leakage around the spout. This leakage happens because the washer is forced against the valve seat. There is a lot of resistance and friction between them and the result of these influences is the rubber washer becoming worn out. The only way to solve this problem is to replace the washer.

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