Mock Plumbing Installs Home Water Filtration System

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Installation of home water filtration system must always conform to plumbing code. Mock Plumbing in Sugar Land also specializes in residential water filtration system installation and can help provide homeowners either a whole house or point-of-use filters. Normally, a whole house filter is a back washable system that is fully automated and filters water at the main water source before entering a home. On the other hand, point-of-use filter is commonly used for filtering a single faucet or source. Nowadays, there are many companies with different technologies that offer a wide variety of filtration systems.

Home Water Filtration System

Mock Plumbing recommends that you look for a reputable company that will take time to research your specific needs and not just selling you a system that may be overkill or does not correct your problem. In this post, a reverse osmosis filtration system was installed with an additional spigot usually underneath a kitchen sink. At Mock Plumbing, we also ensure that your water system will work within the space available. CALL us today 281-508-5991 to get expert information and help you find the best home water filtration system in your situation.