Tips for Sewer Line Sugar Land

Sewer Line Tips

If you think of your house as a living body, the water and drainage pipes would function much like the veins. Any blockage can cause a major disruption. Just as you need an expert doctor to treat your body, you will need professionals in sewer line replacement in Sugar Land to take care of your home’s drainage issues.

How to diagnose a damaged main sewer line in Sugar Land?

In any instance, establishing the cause of the problem is the first step. Factors like heavy rain, foreign objects, damaged pipes and even tree roots can affect any sewer line in Sugar Land. Replacement of sewer line Sugar Land should always be done by a trained professional once they have made a proper diagnosis. Such experts are equipped with the right technology to help pinpoint the problem. The ideal way of diagnosing a problem, without destroying your landscape or blindly digging, is through no dig technology. A specialized, small camera is led into the sewer line in order to allow all full view of the conditions inside the sewer line. 

Why call Mock Plumbing for your sewer line in Sugar Land?

At Mock Plumbing, we take every job extremely seriously and place huge importance on the satisfaction of our customers. We use PVC pipes for all exterior sewer lines since they do not perish like the old fashioned pipes used about 50 years ago. We also set our customers’ minds at ease by opting for a thicker PVC pipe rather than supplying the minimum requirement.

We want our work to last and not let you down when you need it most. With us, home owners can be rest assured that their sewer line in Sugar Land will be installed professionally, efficiently and will not fall victim to external factors like tree roots. Due to overwhelming customer satisfaction, our collection of service awards on Angie’s List includes plumbing, drain pipes and more.

Factors that affect the cost of sewer replacement in Sugar Land

Commercial versus a residential sewer line in Sugar Land: Although the installation procedures are pretty similar in most cases, municipal codes could affect the price since different materials might need to be used. For example, business properties require lines with wider diameters.

Faulty sewer line problems: The nature of the problem or problems that have resulted in the blockage will certainly affect the price of the repair or line replacement. This is because there is bound to be some kind of waste backed up in the pipes and this waste will need to be properly managed and disposed of.  

Sewer replacement in Sugar Land versus repairs: This decision will depend on the problem itself. If the pipes are made from outdated or substandard materials, you should have the whole line replaced in order to prevent future problems. However, if the problem is minor enough, you could get away with a simple repair. Of course, you should remember that the main cost is not in the actual repair, but rather the work involved in accessing the problem area.  

Sewer line length: The cost of sewer replacement in Sugar Land depends on the length of the line. The longer the line, the more materials will be needed and this will affect the price.