Do I Need A Sewer Line Replacement?

Finding The Line

Most people do not know how to locate their sewer line because it is not something they really need to do very often. In fact, most have never had to do it at all. Usually, a person is trying to find out if they need a sewer line replacement because they start to smell something or read something about how much damage they can do.

In Houston and Sugar Land, it is common to see sewer lines damage by tree roots, which can actully work their way into otherwise undamages pipes. This causes leaks and blockages in the sewer lines, which demands replacing.

Many times, peope get it into their heads that they are going to do a sewer line replacement themselves. Anyone who is considering this should understood how much research needs to be done in order to ensure it is done legally, safely, and effectively. Hours of research will be required before a shovel ever hits the dirt.

The Legal Issue with a Sewer Line Replacement

Whether your home is in Houston or Sugar Land, TX, you are likely going to need a permit in order to dig for a sewer line replacement. In fact, it often requires fees and multiple permits.

It’s also important that you do not damage anything else while digging. That means public sidewalks or roads, electrical lines, phone lines, or other underground assets.

Sugar Land Plumber Mock Plumbing Outdoor Drain SewerTrusting a Professional

Doing the work yourself can save money on labor. However, it can also multiply the costs by several times if done wrong or if misdiagnosed. So, amateur costs might be only $1,500, but without the experience to know what else was affected or whether that was really the problem, an amateur could very well do all the work only to discover the problem reemerging after a few weeks or months.

This is highly specific type of work which requires experience in order to be done the right way. Mock Plumbing has significant experience with sewer line replacements and is more than happy to help clients resolve their on-going issues.

Do I Need a Sewer Line Replacement?

  • Do you have open sewage in your yard?Open sewage is a health concern and whatever is causing it should be investigated as soon as possible.
  • Do you have children or pets?No matter how dangerous you know these materials can be to your health, pets and children will investigate the smell and could end up causing problems for themselves.
  • Is increased water usage expanding the sewage wherever it’s collecting?If the standing sewage in the yard is expanding, then

This could mean an overflowing septic tank or a leak in the sewer line. This will require a replacement or repair and in the meantime you should minimize use of water.

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