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What You Need to Know About Your Sewer Line:

If your house was built before the mid 1970’s, the sewer line in the ground is probably a cast iron, clay, or cement piping system. Unfortunately, although good for their day, these types of lines are rather brittle, and almost without exception after some time they begin cracking from common stresses of yard movement, soil settling, and imperceptible plate tectonic activity.

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And once just a hair line crack has formed, it’s the beginning of the end for all these types of sewer lines. What happens next is that the moisture of the line seeps out, attracting surrounding tree roots. And once this occurs, it is not long before a root ball begins to form inside your sewer line restricting the flow, and further separating the cracks in the line. Tree roots can even shatter sewer lines completely.

It is for this reason that the use of PVC became prevalent in the mid 1970’s when it came time to install the sewer line. Clean, inexpensive, and built to last 100 years, PVC is a strong material, and unlike clay or cement that shatters when flexed, and unlike iron that rusts when exposed to soil, it is the perfect composite material to both serve its intended purpose, and ensure that repairs will not be necessary except under the most extreme conditions.

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What you need to know about PVC:

PVC is made with different wall thicknesses referred to as schedules. (i.e. sch 20, sch 40) Louisiana plumbing code allows for a thinner wall PVC pipe to be run from the house to the city sewer. Plumbers refer to this pipe as sewer pipe. Sch 40 pipe is always recommended for underground sewer lines. At Mock Plumbing, thin wall pipe is NOT used ANYWHERE in our work. We do this for a reason:

Sch 40 PVC pipe is approximately $0.50 more per foot and is worth every penny in regards to creating satisfied customers (our #1 goal).

We at Mock can afford to provide Sch 40 piping without passing through the cost to our customers, and without needing to charge higher prices than our competitors who use cheaper materials. A sch 40 PVC pipe has approximately twice the strength of that of thin wall, and we believe in providing that service to our customers without forcing them to ask us to do so.

What You Need to Know About Your Plumber

As you can imagine, you can hire good plumbers and you can hire bad plumbers. A major factor to consider in determining which plumbing company you should hire and which one you should avoid comes down to workmanship. For example, when installing a sewer line, most plumbers will dig a trench, throw the sewer pipe into the trench and begin to cover it with dirt.

But what they hope you don’t know is that if the pipe is not properly supported from underneath, a belly or dip forms in that new sewer line. This dip allows for solids to collect at the bottom of these bellies, and before you know it a clog will form in your brand new sewer line. Mock Plumbing takes great pride in what we do and are willing to back up all sewer line re-routes with a TEN YEAR WARRANTY.

Having to replace a sewer line is one of the more costly and unexpected plumbing repairs a home owner may face. There are several factors that will determine the cost, but you can expect to pay anywhere from $1,000 to $2500 in the Sugar Land or Missouri city area. Ensure you won’t spend twice on completing the same job by calling Mock to schedule your sewer reroute today.