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Having a Slab Leak in Fort Bend County is Bad News

Slab leaks, which occur when pipes beneath the slab that makes your home’s foundation become leaky, is not something to be treated with kid gloves.  Anyone who has ever experienced a water leak in their slab in Fort Bend County and had the misfortune of hiring inexperienced plumbing personnel who “vandalized” the floor while struggling to locate and fix the problem, will forever dread the experience. A water leak in slab in Fort Bend can be a real pain, but it is worth fixing quickly.

Besides the extensive damage the personnel must have done to the floors of the home during the course of their speculative leakage detection activities and its associated high costs, you as the home owner would have also suffered the deprivation of the usage of the repair site for unnecessarily long periods of time.

You need to be aware that any leak under the slab, from a minor leakage in pipes undetected and left unrepaired on up through a completely ruptured pipe, pose serious dangers to the structural integrity of your home. Slab leaks weaken the foundation, inevitably causing it to crack after some time. As the water leaking from the slab finds its way to the floors and finally to the walls, problems such as cracked floors, mold growth on walls and awful musty smells, are bound to arise.  Every day that a slab water leak goes unrepaired in Fort Bend County, it adds to the cost of that repair. 

Therefore, the best course of action to forestall, or effectively contain the severe water leak in slab in Fort Bend is to perform periodic water line leak detection tests, carried out by a competent plumbing company like Mock Plumbing.

Obvious Signs of Water Leak in Slab in Fort Bend County

There are a couple of signs you can’t miss if your slab leak has progressed beyond the minor level.

Water escaping from the compromised pipe(s) beneath the slab can seep into your floors, making your tiles brittle, cracking them and soaking up your carpet or wood flooring.  If it is left unchecked, the water will progress to your walls, which can lead to the propagation of cracks in it. The moldy or musty smell oozing out of your floors is also typically too strong to be dismissed.

Another sign that will beg for your attention is the mold growth on your walls as water seeps into it from the floors. It is a good thing for you to know that mold growth is culpable for such health issues such as throat irritation, sneezing fits, eye irritation and nasal congestion.  Fort Bend County is exceptionally at risk for water leak mold, as that black mold is common in South Louisiana.  If you get black mold in your home, in the worst case you may have to bulldoze your home to the ground.

Finally, if your water bill suddenly rises without a corresponding increase in your water consumption, you should start flirting with the thought a slab leak could be responsible for it.

Although all these signs are “screaming” indications of the problem, you should invite specialists like Mock Plumbing to make the pronouncement and effectively tackle any occurrence of water leak in slab in Fort Bend.

An Effective Means of Detecting Water Leak in Slab in Fort Bend County

A practical way you can confirm a water leak in slab is through meter test. To conduct this test, shut down the water into the whole building and monitor the reading on the meter for a few hours. If the reading remains constant, then you don’t have a slab leak. Otherwise, you have the problem on your hands.

In the event of a water leak in slab in 70817, you can transfer the burden of detecting the vicinity of the leakage, as well as fixing the problem to experts from Mock Plumbing. 

Why you should invite Mock Plumbing to fix Water Leak in Slab in Fort Bend County

Mock Plumbing has earned a reputation as a leading plumbing solutions service provider with a proven track record of excellence in fixing water leak in slab in Fort Bend County and the entire Sugar Land area. Our experienced personnel possess the necessary technical expertise and deploy state-of-the-art tools to pinpoint the site of the leak; which saves money, time, and helps prevent the destruction of a considerable number of your tiles and property.

We always take your satisfaction and budget into consideration when recommending the best repair options. You can be rest assured you will be in safe hands if you hire us to repair your water leak in slab in Fort Bend County

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