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Install Sewer in 77479

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If you have been living in the 77479 area for a very long time, then you know about all the shallow root activity of our local trees.  And if you have lived in 77479 or 77478, or 77469, or any of the other local zip codes, it is likely thanks to these roots, your house might probably need a sewer line replacement. Most old houses built over 30 years ago used galvanized pipes or cement pipes which welcome many problems including cracks, root growths etc. To avoid this, over the last few decades, sewer lines have shifted to PVC.  PVC sewer pipes resist cracking from expansion and flexing.  They resist root growth.  If you don’t already have a PVC line, and you are experiencing sewer issues, call the professionals at Mock Plumbing to install sewer line in 77479.

Do I Even Need Sewer Replacement?

As a rule of thumb, the sooner a weak sewer line is repaired or replaced, the better. A broken sewer line can create additional cleanup costs, including ones that don’t make your yard a pleasant place to be.  Mock Plumbing offers a few signs to look out for to find out if you need to install sewer line in 77479.

The first is perhaps the most dangerous. If your basement experience damp or wet spots that you cannot account for, then there is a massive leak. You would be able to detect the bad odor of sewer. This means you must at once call on the professional services of Mock Plumbing to install a new sewer line in 77479. In case you are too late, the pipe may burst completely and drench your basement. Therefore, keep a regular check for damp spots and odor in the basement.

Next is perhaps the easiest to notice. Damaged sewer lines back up drains all over the house. If one particular drain is problematic, the block is usually within the few feet of the drain. However, backed up drains all over mean a problematic main line and hence the need is to install sewer line in 77479 immediately. 

Finally, bad odors anywhere translate to a leaking or damaged sewer line. It could be coming from your front lawn or anywhere in the house. Usually the bad smell is also accompanied by damp spots. Before the damage gets any further and you lose significant capital, avail the unmatched services of Mock Plumbing to install sewer line in 77479.

I Need to Install Sewer Line in 70817, What Do I Do?

Well, there are a few factors that you must account for when you need to replace your sewer line. The most important part is choosing the best plumbing company in 77479 area. Mock Plumbing is the best plumbing company in 77479. We say not only this because the services are at the most economical rate, but because our professional workers are truly the best. 

Consider this, workers from most companies would just dig the trench and lay the pipe and quickly cover it up with the soil and tell you the job is done in record time. What they don’t want you to know is that they avoided a bit of hard work of creating a solid base for the pipe. Our workers at Mock Plumbing make sure that the pipe rests completely on a solid soil base without hanging at any air gaps. These air gaps put extra tension on the pipe and before you know it your brand new sewer line is damaged yet again.

Secondly, as pointed earlier, pipes have been switched to PVC. Now there are two PVC types for sewer lines as permitted by law for 77479. Mock Plumbing uses Sch 40 PVC pipe which has a thicker wall than the other permitted type. While we bear an extra cost (about $0.50 per foot), the pipe exhibits twice the strength. Therefore, you don’t need to change it again anytime soon. In fact, we are so sure that Mock Plumbing offers a 10 year warranty. So if you need to install sewer line in 77479, be sure to avail the best by calling Mock Plumbing immediately.