Do You Know When to Hire A Plumber?

The Problem: When To Hire A Plumber

Knowing when to hire a plumber can be tough, but plumbing is something that has to be taken seriously. Most people have a hard time understanding how much water is actually moving through, under, or around their houses at any given time. It is a veritable river and one which can be very problematic if it is not taken care of the right way. Mock Plumbing has seen plenty of examples, in both Sugar Land and Houston, of small leaks that turned into massive problems. Sometimes this takes weeks, others it might only take hours.

Often, people see a leak they consider insignificant and decide to just let it be, or to tackle it another day. Here are just a couple of the things that can go wrong when someone lets a leak run because they do not think it is a big deal:

  • Damage to flooring or furniture
  • Expansion of leak.
  • Hidden damage to walls or fixtures.
  • Cost increase due to increasing complexity of the problem.
  • Leaks mean the water is still running, which means higher cost!

People are willing to overlook leaks despite the fact that they offer so many chances to increase household costs. At Mock Plumbing, we encourage people to contact us as soon as they can. This usually means a smaller problem, which means a lower cost for the customer. After explaining this to our customers, they usually call us quite quickly upon discovery of a leak, even a small one.

Sugar Land Plumber Mock Plumbing With a Happy CustomerWhen Is It Time to Make the Call? This is not a terribly complicated process, fortunately. If you want to know when to hire a plumber about a leak, the answer is: now. If you have a leak, call a plumber about it as soon as is possible. A leak is already costing you money, so that is your answer about when to hire a plumber. Do it now.

Who Should You Call?

I won’t try to tell you which company or person you should call when you have a leak. That is up to the customer. What I will tell you is what a good plumber looks like.

  • A Good Plumber Is Responsive

A plumber who knows what he is doing and who is pleasant to work with will be responsive to his customers. That means that when you fill out a contact form or make a call, you are contacted by them relatively quickly. Customers should not have to wait for days or weeks before being contacted anymore than you should have to wait for an hour before the waitress comes to your table at a restaurant.

  • Understanding and Empathetic

Customers interact best with those plumbers who understand their concerns, rather than those who ignore their concerns or dismiss their fears. An overflowing toilet or leak can be scary for homeowners, so find a plumber that understands what you are going through and wants to help.

  • Choose An Award-Winning Plumber

Do not choose just any plumber, if you can help it. Look around for the plumbers who have been named the best in the area. Angie’s List is a professional resource which often gives out distinctions like this and is considered reputable.

  • Look for Someone Who Does it All

It’s entirely possible that little leak in the bathroom faucet is the symptom of a larger problem. So, it is important to hire someone who can fix a leaking pipe, but who also is capable of excavating and repairing sewage pipes to reroute. Otherwise you will end up having to hire multiple companies to work on a single project.

If you see a leak and want to have it fixed quickly, you should call the experts at Mock Plumbing at 281-508-5991 or fill out our Contact Mock Plumbing Form!