Houston Plumber on Bathroom Remodel Issues

The Best Houston Plumber’s Best Advice:

When hiring a good Sugar Land or Houston plumber, we all know that bathroom remodels are a serious project that take a lot of time and money. This is not an investment to take on easily. You should take our time to consider all the factors that play an important role. What better way to do it than hear what professionals have to say? Here, in this article, Houston plumber Mock Plumbing will point out all the important factors you should take into consideration when remodeling your bathroom.

Know that bathroom remodeling, even though time and budget consuming, is definitely worth your effort. The bathroom is a place where you can relax after a hard day and you should definitely feel comfortable in it. Other than that, if you decide to sell your house, great new bathroom will help you get a better price for it.

Before you start, take a look at the essential points Houston plumber Mock Plumbing points out:

Your bathroom remodel budget

Before you even think about a bathroom remodel, set your budget. The bathroom can be remodeled in many different ways and the price differences can be huge. Setting a budget is not only important for planning the initial cost, but also for contractor control once he starts working. If you don’t present your contractor with a limited budget, it can get tricky.

Of course, sometimes unexpected situations do arise, but with an initial budget plan, you should not cross the limit too easily. Houston plumber Mock Plumbing suggests you to go with trusted contractors that have good references, and keep yourself safe from unwanted mistakes.

What you need vs. what you desire

Now comes something that is always problematic. No matter what you have, you will always want to have more. This is typical of human nature. It is very hard to control this need. In order to go around the problem efficiently, Mock Plumbing suggests that you make a list of essentials and then, later on, add other things you need.

Think of it this way – you really need: toilet, shower, sink, lighting, mirror and maybe a few other things. Those are the basic needs. Then, when you make sure that your budget covers the basics, you can add or expand your wish list with other things like: larger mirror, his and her sink, shower cabin and bathtub both. Keep in mind that you need to be realistic and don’t let yourself get lost in the planning process.

Who will use the bathroom?

Who uses the bathroom may make a huge difference in planning. The best of all Houston plumbers Mock suggests two things to think of.

First, take the age group into consideration. If you have kids, think about what they should and should not reach. If the counter tops are too high, they will not be able to reach them. Some counters should be placed low so that kids can use them and some should be out of reach so that you can place “forbidden” things on them. Also, if there are elderly people using the bathroom, you may want to consider placing rails next to the toilet and the bathtub.

Second, if you are the only person using the bathroom, you should take your lifestyle into consideration. If the bathroom is just used for taking a quick shower and brushing teeth, you don’t need to do special things nor pay special attention to details. On the other hand, if you are using it to relax and like to spend a lot of time in it, then you should put much more thought into the project.

Houston plumbers Mock suggests that you “go green”

If you decide to go green you will save a lot of energy and money in the long run. Houston plumber Mock Plumbing suggests that you consider installing efficient faucets and shower heads that save water. It is also a good idea to consider repainting old cabinets instead of buying new ones. A lot of savings can be made this way.

Don’t underestimate the power of eco-friendly installations. They can even come in handy when selling the house. Many buyers prefer to purchase houses with green solutions.

Proper ventilation to prevent mold and mildew

Mock, the highest customer rated Houston plumber, points out that preventing mold and mildew is a must. You don’t want to remodel your whole bathroom and later have mold and mildew appear. Do everything right so that you don’t have to remodel again.

Bathrooms are humid places, and proper ventilation systems must be installed in them. The best way to ensure good ventilation is to consult professionals. They have seen it all and they know what is best for you. Humidity free bathroom will save you a lot of trouble.

Now that you know all important points Houston plumber Mock Plumbing suggests, go through them again and decide what is best for you. Try to be rational while fulfilling your wishes. And, of course, do follow professional advice. It is irreplaceable!

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