Angie’s List’s Best Plumbers

How do you react to a plumbing emergency?

When a plumbing problem strikes, you will be forgiven if your first reaction is to panic. Having your precious home filling up with water is enough to make anyone’s heart race. Shutting off your water mains may keep the immediate danger at bay, but it doesn’t solve your problem. Your need for water in your home often results in somewhat clouded judgment when browsing for Houston Plumbers. Instead of looking for the best plumbers Houston has available, you settle for the first one you can find at a moment’s notice.

Potential pitfalls when hiring Houston Plumbers

If you don’t take your time to choose the right plumber, you could end up paying the price in more ways than one. Making a hasty decision could mean choosing somebody who does not hold the correct qualifications or have sufficient experience. If they notice your desperation, they could end up charging you a higher rate for work that may not even been guaranteed.  Mock Plumbing is a Houston plumber that has been the recipient of numerous Angie’s List Awards, and is the highest rated plumbing company in all of Louisiana.  Be careful if you are calling a different Houston plumber other than Mock.

What to look for in Houston Plumbers?

Here are some important points to look for when comparing each plumber Houston has to offer:

  • Responsiveness, Punctuality and Reliability
  • Professionalism
  • Experience
  • Pricing

Responsiveness, Punctuality and Reliability

Take note of how the plumber responds to your needs and questions. They should seem interested, they should explain the charges and they should also generally ask for more information about the severity of the problem. Sometimes even top-notch Houston Plumbers may experience delays. By hiring Mock Plumbing, you won’t need to contact other Houston Plumbers. We won’t leave you in the lurch and we endeavor to make it to each appointment on time. In the event of a delay, you will be notified.


Professionalism is key, so make sure that the plumber has the right uniform, company marked vehicle and an ID card. We are professional to the core. We perform full background checks on all of our employees to ensure that we hire only the very best qualified Houston Plumbers. Your property is also covered by our insurance coverage should your property be damaged in any way during repairs.


Ensuring that the Houston Plumbers you hire are qualified and experienced is essential. There are plenty of unlicensed Houston Plumbers out there. Set your mind at ease by hiring Mock Plumbing and you can be sure that you are getting a Licensed Master Plumber to tend to your needs. We also maintain a general contractors license, to allow us to perform larger jobs of over $10 000.

We have been able to gather the most 5 star ratings for customer service in Louisiana. Our awards include those for service in repairs, kitchen and bathroom remodeling, gas leaks, water heaters and yard drainage. This truly sets us apart from other Houston Plumbers.


Different Houston Plumbers have different pricing systems. As the customer, you need to ask them about their rates, additional fees (call out fee), upfront costs and whether they offer written quotes. At Mock Plumbing, we will provide you with a written estimate. Should unforeseen extras enter the equation and push the price up more than 10%, we’ll await your approval. Our goal is to make sure that our customers are satisfied. If, for whatever reason you are not happy with the repairs, we will revisit your property and conduct further repairs for free.

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