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Having Plumbing Problems after the Flood? We can help!

Posted by on Oct 26, 2016 in Blog | 0 comments

Mock Plumbing Repairs is here to help all the Baton Rouge residents and businesses after the flood. If you are having any plumbing related problems, don’t hesitate to call. Slow drains, sewer line reroutes, leaking pipes or installing new fixtures; we do it all. We know how hard it is to get your home back in order after a disaster...

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Find a Plumber in Baton Rouge the Right Way

Posted by on Jul 22, 2016 in Blog | 0 comments

Seeking a Baton Rouge Plumber Looking for a plumber in Baton Rouge? The options are overwhelming. With more than 220,000 residents in the community, there are several plumbers that service our area. But picking the right one can be a challenge. DIY vs. Hiring Some people want to skip the search all together and try to fix their plumbing...

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The Best Plumbers in Baton Rouge: What Sets Us Apart?

Posted by on Jul 11, 2016 in Blog, Plumbing | 0 comments

Plumbers with Ethics Finding a quality plumber in Baton Rouge can be a challenge. You need someone who will do great work for a fair price with efficient timing. If that work is compromised, you could be pouring money down the drain, pun intended. At Mock Plumbing, we pride ourselves in our work ethic and integrity. We show up...

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Fixing A Pipe Leak in Baton Rouge

Posted by on Jun 28, 2016 in Blog, Plumbing, Sinks, Toilet | 0 comments

Finding a Pipe Leak in Baton Rouge As a homeowner in Baton Rouge, you might experience a water leak from time to time. It’s an annoying problem that is sometimes unavoidable. But when such issues arise, you should act fast. In the event of a leakage, pipes should be fixed immediately to prevent more damage to other parts of...

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Baton Rouge Plumbers: How To Pick One

Posted by on Jun 22, 2016 in Blog, Plumbing | 0 comments

There are plenty of people wondering how they should find Baton Rouge plumbers who suit their needs. After all, plumbing is not like picking out a piece of candy. If you don’t like the candy, you spit it out and it’s done. If the plumbing job doesn’t meet the right standard, you could be living with the consequences for...

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