Do You Need to Install A Sewer?

When Should You Install A Sewer?

Do you need to install a sewer? This is a quintessential question we get all the time. People do not know when the time has come and what the need is until it is far too late. Clients usually do not understand that an older sewer line is a bad idea until they have suffered from the problems it causes us. Then they call us far too often asking if it is time to have it replaced again. It only takes one sewer problem to convince someone of the importance of maintenance and upkeep.

So what are the tell-tale signs of when you need a sewer line replacement or installation? When should you install a sewer? Watch for the following signs

Wet Yard

If you notice a yard with wet spots all over, this is one of the first signs that anyone ever notices about their sewer line being busted or broken. Even a relatively small leak in a sewer line can cause a lot of water accumulation in the yard.

Foul Smell

The smell is often what actually motivates a customer to get into contact with us. The powerful smell that accompanies a sewer line leak is a strong motivator, to be sure. It leads people to not only calling about their sewer line replacement needs, but seeking action immediately!

Backed-Up Drains Throughout the House

A backed up drain means there is a clog somewhere. A series of backup up drains around the house almost certainly means that the sewer line needs repair or replacement. If you have drains in the kitchen and guest bathroom both backing up, then it is certainly worth looking into before it becomes a real problem.

Not all of these will happen in all cases, but in virtually every case one of these signs will show itself sooner or later. If you do not want sewage leaking into your yard or up through your drains, then contacting Mock Plumbing is the right decision. Call us at 225-317-1992!