Drainage Problems Where to Start

Drainage Problems

Property drainage problems is something most home owners in Texas can say they have had trouble with at one time or another.  Drainage problems begin with poor design in the development of a neighborhood and or little consideration when for rain water run off when a house is built.  Some drainage problems are just a nuisance like standing water after several days of rain at the end of your driveway.

Many people have trouble with water building up on their front or back patio.  Having water enter your home is a more serious nightmare I hope no one reading this has happen to them, but is more common than one would think.


Why Mock Plumbing?

Mock Plumbing has found a niche in providing drainage solutions for home owners in the Sugar Land area.  Often, we are hired to correct or completely re-do a job that a landscaping company charged thousands for a year or two ago.  The first area to look at is diverting the run off water from your roof.  More often than not, doing this alone may resolve your problem.  Mock Plumbing provides free estimates if you are interested in resolving your drainage problem.