Toilets are one of the most used parts of a home, which makes it vulnerable to damages and repairs if you don’t conduct regular maintenance checks. There can be many causes of toilet leaks including a slow drain, but if you don’t investigate what is really causing your toilet to leak this can cost you lots of money in repairs and a higher water bill due to wastage.

Incorrect installation of a tank ball is one of the most common causes for toilet leaks, because this can cause the flush valve to remain open. This is an internal problem, which poses a difficulty in diagnosing it which only professional plumbers can detect. Also, because it can go undetected for long periods of time, it can also do the most damage to your toilet drain.

The deterioration of your toilet is also another cause for leakage, because if you have a damaged floater you need to know what kind of testing methods to do to check if it really is the culprit. Toilet chains can also commonly get caught by another component within the tank of your toilet, although a surefire way to prevent this is to have a professional plumber conduct regular maintenance.

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