Clogged Toilet Sugar Land

Having a clogged toilet is a serious problem that needs solution right away. Every now and then tissue paper, sanitary pads, and the like get their way into your toilet. Once they continue to pile up it won’t be long before they can cause toilet clogging. The next best thing to do is contact your trusted plumber to help solve clogged toilet Sugar Land. When it comes to the most reliable plumbers in the Sugar Land area, nothing can beat Mock Plumbing Repairs.

Mock is the go-to plumbing company that can handle all kinds of plumbing problems such as clogged toilet. Customer satisfaction is their priority and with an excellent track record, Mock is definitely the no. 1 plumbing company in Sugar Land and the surrounding areas.

But did you know that you can actually prevent clogged toilet? Mock firmly believes that prevention is the best solution to any plumbing problem. Why pay a lot of money for repairs if you can avoid the problem in the first place? Here are some tips on how to do so:

Tip no. 1- Avoid the cause

If you’ve already experienced having a clogged toilet then you should learn from your mistakes. What caused it? Is it the sanitary pad or panty liner you accidentally flushed? Whatever it is that caused clogging, make sure you don’t end up flushing them again. You can do this by having a small trash can in your comfort room where you can throw your pads, tissue paper and other stuffs which aren’t allowed to be flushed down the toilet.

Tip no. 2- Conduct regular maintenance

It’s important that you regularly clean your toilet. You can use mild cleaners to get rid of stains. In case your toilet is experiencing minor clogging, fix it right away by using the appropriate products or tools.

Tip no. 3- Have your toilet installed by licensed plumbers

Sometimes the root of the problem is the toilet itself. Poor or improper installation of your toilet can also prevent it from functioning properly. In order to avoid this you have to hire licensed plumbers to install your toilet for you. Don’t rely on unprofessional plumbers who don’t even hold a license. Chances are they will only install your toilet in a haphazard manner.

The next time you encounter plumbing problems such as a clogged toilet Sugar Land, call Mock right away!