Slab Leak Houston

Slab Leak Houston

Slab Leak Houston

Slab leaks are commonly known as foundation leaks. They’re among the most common leak problems that occur in many households. In case of slab leak Houston, there’s only one plumbing company you should run to for help and that is Mock Plumbing Repairs.

Mock plumbers are experts in fixing all kinds of plumbing problems from minor ones to more complicated repairs such as fixing leaks in slab. That’s because their wide experience and skills enable them to practice the proper ways to fixing these problems.

When we talk about slab or foundation leak, it refers to a case wherein leaks occur in the slabs. They occur mostly because the copper piping where water passes through is already damaged which is why they are not easily detected such as in the case of leaky faucet. In order to pinpoint that you have a leak in slab, you should try these tips:

  • Try to feel the floor with your bare feet. Is there an area that seems warmer than others? If yes, it’s likely that you have leak in slab.
  • Turn off all the faucets inside and outside the house. Listen carefully. Do you hear sounds of running water? If yes, then there’s a big possibility that there’s slab leak.
  • The most obvious means of knowing you have slab leak is receiving your monthly water bill and the figures are higher than usual. An increase in your consumption as reflected in the bill is a giveaway that you have a leak which you’re not aware of.

Once you are positive of having slab leak in your home, you must immediately take action. There are many ways on how to fix it but the most practical thing to do is let experts take care of it for you. Mock already has an established reputation in the plumbing industry which is why you should hire only them.

Mock plumbers go beyond simply detecting slab leaks using the most advanced equipment because they also use the best procedures in detecting as well as fixing slab leaks. Their professional plumbers will even suggest the most effective means to prevent the leaks from reoccurring. Above all, they charge a reasonable price for their services.

Fixing slab leak Houston is a piece of cake to Mock plumbers. After all, they are the most knowledgeable in all areas of plumbing repairs.