Slab Leak in Sugar Land

Slab leak in Sugar Land is a very common case expert plumbers of Mock Plumbing Repairs handle all the time. This is because slab leak is a serious problem that even do-it-yourself enthusiasts can’t fix by themselves. This kind of leak is hard to detect and if left unrepaired can lead to more severe damages.

Leaks that originate in slabs are caused by several factors such as the following:

  • Poor installation– if you let an unprofessional install your pipe lines then expect to pay double for repairs and reinstallation after only a few months of use. This is one of the problems homeowners who failed to hire licensed plumbers often encounter. The truth is most of these unprofessional plumbers will do anything just to get the job done for a cheap price. In return, they fail in quality service.
  • Friction/ Pressure– the water line in your slab is often exposed to too much pressure and friction due to the changes in the temperature of water and the movement caused by running water. There are also times when exposed pipes are not properly wrapped that after sometime they start to leak.
  • Soil incompatibility– there are chemicals found in soil which will react with the pipes which are made of copper. This chemical reaction can wear the pipes and it won’t be long before leaks occur.

Water leak that originated in the slab can cause several problems if not fixed immediately. For starters, there’s your high water bill. In addition, there’s a big possibility for molds to grow and they can cause sickness as well. Further, the leak can cause bad odor and you can just imagine how uncomfortable and unsanitary it will be to have that foul smell all over your house.

So in case of slab leak in Sugar Land, call Mock Plumbing Repairs right away. Our expert plumbers are more than happy to be of service to you.