Sewer Repair with Sugar Land Best Plumber

Sewer Repair with Sugar Land Best Plumber

Sewer Repair

When you want a sewer line to last a life time, there is so much more to it than just merely digging a trench and gluing some fittings. What sets Mock Plumbing apart from other plumbers is that this plumbing company only recommends a sch 40 PVC pipe when installing sewer line.

Most of the other plumbers will inform you that a sch 30 PVC pipe is sufficient to replace damaged sewer pipe, and a sch 40 PVC is an over kill. Mock Plumbing contests this considering what a sewer pipe may encounter over a lifetime, you would realize the rationale why sch 40 pipe is the only way to go.

Just look at it this way, imagine a pine tree planted right over the sewer line. After thirty years or more, this pine tree has grown over forty feet in height with a weight of over one thousand pounds which could easily crush a thin walled pipe.

This scenario may not happen if a sch 40 PVC pipe is used. Hire a reliable plumber that provides true customer service like Mock Plumbing!