PVC Sewer Pipes, PVC Sewer Lines, Install Sewer Pipes, PVC Piping, Underground PipeMock Plumbing located in Sugar Land, Louisiana replaced some damaged clay sewer pipe with sch 40 PVC. There is much more than just digging a trench and gluing some fittings when you want a sewer line to last a life time. Mock Plumbing only uses a sch 40 PVC pipe when installing sewer lines. Most plumbers will tell you that a sch 40 pipe is an over kill and a sch 30 for sewer pipe is sufficient. When you consider what a sewer pipe may encounter over a lifetime, you would see why sch 40 pipe is the way to go. Consider a pine tree that is planted right over the sewer line. After thirty years or more, this tree has grown over forty feet in height, weighing over one thousand pounds which could crush a thin wall pipe. This is just one of the reasons why you should consider hiring only a reliable plumbing company like Mock Plumbing.