Valve Installation & Repair

Do You Need A Valve Installation Or Repair?

Did you know that many homes in the area do not have gas valves installed behind their appliances? And if there is a valve in place it is often old and does not work properly. Installing a shutoff valve behind your appliances will provide much better control over your gas. With a valve installed or repaired properly, you can choose when gas runs to any given appliance and you can shut off gas to specific appliances as necessary.

Mock Plumbing has professional, experienced plumbers on staff to handle all your plumbing repairs and installations, including gas line valves. Call us today to get a free quote on gas line installations and repairs.

Check Your Existing Shutoff Valves

It only takes a minute to check if you are in need of valve installation or repairs. Look at the pipes behind your main gas appliances and look for existing shutoff valves. These serve to shut off gas to those appliances and should all be in good order. Common problems include leaking, binding, and rusting. Things to watch out for include:

  1. Gas leaks (if you smell gas get out of the home and all a professional)
  2. Binding and damaged shutoff valves (occasionally check valves for signs of damage)
  3. Rusted gas pipes
  4. Check the stove and oven while in the “off” position

If you see or smell any signs of a gas leak in your home, you should get out immediately. If you see signs of, or feel that your gas line valves are in need of repair, call a licensed plumber as soon as possible. They can repair, replace, or install a new gas valve properly.

Mock Plumbing Has You Covered

If one or more of your appliances is missing a properly functioning shutoff valve then call Mock Plumbing today. We will come out to your home and handle all your valve installation and repairs. Our number is 281-508-5991 and we look forward to helping you get this situation back under control. Call us today!