Tub and Shower Installation and Repair

Mock Plumbing specializes in bathroom tub and shower installation and repair. Many of Mock’s 5 star customer feedback ratings come from customers who are pleased with the work Mock completed in the bathrooms of their homes. New tubs, showers, or repairs to existing tubs and showers keep restrooms a truly restful place. Below are some of the examples of work that Mock completed recently in the local area.

One way to improve safety in bath areas is to convert a tub to shower. A tub used to exists where the shower framing is shown in this picture. Mock Plumbing in Sugar Land, TX converted the space from a tub to a shower when a customer wanted to have a more spacious bathroom. The first step in a tub-to-shower conversion is removal of the existing bathtub. Prior to the conversion, an accurate measurement of the space is very important. Mock ensures that only durable and safe bathroom materials and fixtures are installed, and that they fit perfectly into the space provided. For any tub-to-shower conversion, you should hire an expert remodeler that guarantees their job. Mock Plumbing guarantees all work we complete.

Or how about adding or replacing an existing tub with a new one? Unlike other bathroom fixtures, installing a tub is not a job to be undertaken lightly. Replacing bathtubs is a complex task and requires advanced plumbing and construction skills in addition to some heavy lifting therefore, should always be done by certified plumbers only. Licensed plumbers at Mock Plumbing provide the usual routine task of removing the old and installing the new, but will take extra step in checking the piping system for leaks and damages before installing anything new. Mock Plumbing Repairs also makes sure that building codes and framing support are always checked before any bathtub installation because it is expected that that a bathtub filled with water is extremely heavy. Hire only the professionals for this complicated job. Mock Plumbing will provide a free estimate for any tub installation or replacement project.

Installation of a new tub faucet to replace leaky or corroded ones can enhance your bathroom’s look without replacing the tub. It is also one of the simplest ways to upgrade the look of a bathtub without a large demolition job. However, most of the bathroom fixtures that are readily available at your local home improvement shops are found to be of low quality. For these reasons, Mock Plumbing Repairs strongly recommends that you purchase bathroom fixtures from a plumbing supply store to ensure that these are at the high end of the quality scale. Installation of high quality durable fixtures is very important especially because the bathroom is one of the areas at home that is used daily. For a hassle-free bathroom fixture upgrade at a reasonable price, call Mock Plumbing to upgrade your tub faucets.

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