Root Infiltration Treatments

Tree Roots Blocking your Plumbing?

Trees add shade and beauty to your yard, but sometimes their roots can cause damage to your sewer pipes when they reach down and infiltrate the plumbing lines. Sewer pipes contain water, oxygen, and nutrients that are essential to the growth of trees, so it is no surprise that tree roots grow into pipes.

Unfortunately, when tree roots infiltrate your plumbing they can cause a lot of problems, including backups and damage to the pipes themselves. Every homeowner is responsible for the pipe that connects their home to the main sewer line, so if you think tree roots may be the cause of your plumbing problems contact Mock Plumbing today!

Sugar Land Plumber Mock Plumbing Root Infiltration Treatment

Signs of Tree Root Infiltration

Since your lateral sewer lines are underground, you cannot simply see a problem when tree roots are causing blockages. Fortunately, there are some telltale signs to look for.

  1. Gurgling sounds coming from the toilet or drain
  2. Water not going down or backing up into another area
  3. Water draining slowly
  4. Water pooling around a floor drain
  5. Smell of raw sewage coming from the drains

If you are experiencing one or more of these issues you need to contact a qualified, experienced plumber right away to avoid the issue getting worse.

Mock Plumbing Removes and Treats Tree Root Clogs!

If you have a clogged drain from tree root infiltration or any other plumbing issue in Sugar Land, Houston, or the surrounding areas in Southeastern Louisiana, call Mock Plumbing today. From drain cleaning to complete plumbing repairs our friendly plumbing technicians have the skill and experience to help repair any problems affordably and completely. Call Mock today at 281-508-5991  to schedule an appointment.