Service Agreements

Save Money with Preventative Plumbing Maintenance from an Expert Plumber

Mock Plumbing Repairs offers Routine Scheduled Service Agreements (RSSA) to all of our Sugar Land customers. With a yearly RSSA, an experienced plumber will assess your home’s systems and will take precautionary measures to prevent any foreseeable plumbing disasters. Plus, RSSAs are a great way to save money as they often cost less than most service calls.

On every service call, a licensed plumber from our qualified Service Team will:

  • Apply BIOCLEAN enzyme treatment to kitchen drains to prevent grease and food buildup (the #1 cause of kitchen drain blockages)
  • Apply ROOT X treatment to main sewer line to prevent costly sewer line replacements (a very common cause of main drain and sewer drain blockages)
  • Inspect, adjust, and tighten all inside and outside faucets and under-counter drain pipes
  • Inspect, adjust, and tighten all hot and cold water supply lines
  • Inspect and test all toilets for leaks and proper functionality
  • Inspect and test all temperature and pressure relief valves on water heaters

Service Agreement Customers also receive:

  • Priority Service Scheduling
  • 10% Discount on All Required Parts and 15% Discount on All Labor •
  • Annual Inspection Report of your Plumbing Systems

Service Agreements Level Options:

(2) Bi-annual Inspections/Maintenance
(1) Annual Inspection/Maintenance

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