Sugar Land and Houston PlumberA blocked sewer is one of the major inconveniences in a household. Not only can it prevent water from flowing smoothly but can also emit a foul odor that will make you want to run away from home. If you are having this kind of plumbing problem, it’s a must that you immediately get rid of sewer blockages right away.

The most practical and easiest way to fix your blocked sewer is by using a clog remover. This is a chemical that guarantees to melt whatever’s blocking your sewer, such as Liquid Plumber or Draino. The drawback for this option is that the acid found in the remover won’t only remove the blockage but will also tend to melt the cement used in connecting your PVC pipes!  In the end, you’ll have another major plumbing problem on your hand.

Another option many homeowners prefer is using special equipment that can help remove sewer blockages. These include using a snake sewer or a sewer machine. They’re very effective especially in removing roots that block your sewer. You can buy them at hardware stores or at your local Home Depot or Lowes.

But why wrestle with the hassle?  If you’re not one of those do-it-yourself fanatics, or if you’d just like it fixed quickly while you tend to more important matters, your best bet at fixing blocked sewer is to let a professional handle the job. This is where Mock Plumbing Repairs comes in. Home of the best plumbers in town, Mock can help you solve all your plumbing problems in a jiffy. Not only do we use tested and proven techniques in removing sewer blockages but we also boast of having the best licensed and professional plumbers in the state.  This is backed up by the customer reviews you can find online about Mock.  We are the highest customer rated plumber in all of Louisiana, with nothing but 5 star ratings at most online review sites.

One of the reasons why many homeowners trust Mock is the fact that all our plumbers are bonded and insured. Now… you can find this in other plumbing repair companies out there.  But Mock is the only plumbing company that garnered several 5-star ratings in leading sites such as Google, Yelp, Rate It All, Angie’s List and the Yellow Pages.

So whether you’re having a blocked sewer or just want to have all your pipes and drains cleaned, Mock is at your service. Call us for a free quote today!