Waking up in the morning to a broken water line in the slab is not a good way to start your day. You hear the water rushing out and you check all the faucets in the house, but none of them are the cause of the sound. You also notice that the water heater is running, and the floor by the washing machine is a bit hotter. These might well be signs that your house needs rerouting of water lines that are broken in your slab.

There are many options in dealing with this problem – either by doing it yourself or calling a professional plumber to deal with the problem. The options mainly consist of digging the slab and repairing the pipe, re-routing of the water line with flex line, or sealing the leak with epoxy sealers to stop the leak.

Slab leaks are very difficult to detect and deal with, and most of the signs of broken slabs are warm spots on the floor, high water bills, or too much water near the foundation. There are expert plumbers that are good in dealing with these problem areas and are usually trained to do the job very well. They are experienced with detection of slab leaks and repair it in no time, depending on the extent of the damage.

Broken slabs can be the result of several factors that must be fixed with re-routing of water lines. The leaks maybe caused by the chemical reaction of the soil as it comes in close contact with copper water pipes which may have caused deterioration. In addition, it could be that the pipes may have not been properly wrapped in the construction process. This causes damage between pipes that are close to each other or with pebbles and soil that are surrounding the water line.

There are a number of ways to repairing broken slabs that are mostly done by professional Master Plumbers like Mock Plumbing, as they are trained to do the job with efficiency and ease. Remedies may include jackhammering the slab to visually inspect the pipes to find the leak. But there are also broken slab problems that badly need rerouting of the water line where leak occurs underneath fixtures like showers or bath tubs. The cost of repair for this kind of leak may be more expensive and the usual jackhammer is not an option. In this case, water line rerouting is highly recommended.

Mock plumbing can handle any water line reroutes you may need to create the lowest cost repair for your particular situation.