Plumbing Company Rebuilt Tub and Shower valve

Plumbing Company Rebuilt Tub and Shower valve


Rebuilt Tub and Shower valve

Some of the hardest working plumbing systems at home are the bathroom faucets. They are used 365 days in a year without too much sensitivity so it should not be surprising if they sometimes break down. One of the most common plumbing problems that require immediate attention is a leaking shower and/or tub faucet.

The tub/shower valve may be leaking due to a number of reasons. One specific example is when the shower valve is older that might have deteriorated to a point where the metal is actually crumbling similar to what is shown in this picture.

Other possible reasons for a leaky shower might be a connection problem between the shower head and the water line or other defects in the shower valve system that results in a leak.

A skilled plumber like Mock Plumbing will be able to diagnose the problem quickly and rebuilds the entire Tub & Shower valve systems properly like brand new. Don’t just trust your tub & shower repairs to anyone. Call Mock Plumbing for all tub and shower repairs and replacement needs.