Louisiana is famous for drainage issues, and having drainage problems on your property can be one of the fastest ways to cause damage that will cost thousands of dollars in repairs. Take for instance this scenario: Outdoor drains in HoustonAnyone can run plumbing pipes to drain sewer or for rain water drainage.  Just keep the pipes sloping down and there is a good chance your system will drain, right?  How long will it continue to drain is the real question, however.  Unfortunately, it may take 10 years before you know if you hired a plumber that does quality work.  This picture is a six inch drainage pipe that is only four years old.  Tree roots made its way through a poorly glued joint and after a two or three years this is the result.  A sink hole was another unfortunate result (not pictured). Outdoor drains in Sugar LandEach drainage problem has its own set of circumstances that must be considered when designing a drainage system.  Many people have spent large sums of money trying to remedy an area that floods during heavy rains.  Each time the problem gets better for a small period of time, but within a year or two, you notice it begins to drain slower and slower and before you know it you’re back to square one.  Look at the picture on the right, and notice the mold on the slab and the excessive mud. This is where the customer had self-installed a french drain system.  The problem with french drains in high volume water areas is that it is a thin corrugated pipe that cannot withstand the pressures of moving earth and developing roots from trees and shrubs.  Mock replaced the failing system with a grated sch 40 PVC high volume drainage system that can handle many gallons of water per minute.  The grass will indeed be greener on this side of the fence again soon. Outdoor drain prairievilleMock Plumbing has helped many customers drain their yards.  Once a neighborhood has been developed and your neighbors have built their property up, it may take some ingenuity to divert standing water off of your property.  This customer had standing water in their backyard every time it rained, even though they had french drains installed throughout.   Outdoor drain sugar land Mock Plumbing installed several drains and diverted the water to the sidewalk where it can then travel to the street storm drain. Note: Sometimes there is not much fall/slope to work with when trying to divert water on a customer’s property.  Mock Plumbing overcame this by installing short radius elbows and installing drain grates directly on top of each fitting.  A professional solution to say the least.  This customer will be happy with this drainage solution for as long as they own the home.

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Don’t entrust your property value or the ability to use your yard when it rains to some sale at Home Depot, or to some non-reputable landscaping company who promises they can solve your drainage problems.  Call a known reputable 5-Star plumber like Mock Plumbing.  Only Mock has the experience to route and control massive amounts of water both inside and outside your home.  Only Mock knows how to cement and weld drain pipes effectively enough to solve your outdoor drainage issues. Call Mock Plumbing TODAY for a free estimate so you can ensure you are hiring a professional and licensed contractor that guarantees completed work.  225-317-1992