Water or sewer line leaks either inside or outside of your home are never good news.  If it’s an inside or outside water leak, that water winds up doing damage to your yard or home which can cost thousands if not caught and repaired early.  And if a sewer line starts leaking… hoo boy can that be an unwelcome surprise to your house or yard! Doing leak repairs yourself is possible, but not recommended. Mock Plumbing has seen this go badly for people in the past.

Handling Water or Sewer Line Leak Repairs

Mock Plumbing specializes in leak detection and repair, and our five star feedback ratings can give you the comfort of knowing that when we come to your home, we’ll treat you right at a fair price.  Below are just a couple examples of our work recently performed.

water line leak repair, water leak fixed, fix leak, water line leaking in the slab, repair water line leakAn important process to start off in fixing a leak is accurate water line leak detection. This vital step requires highly trained workers with advanced skills utilizing proper and modern equipment to locate leaks that can be repaired eventually with minimal disruption to property. The step by step procedure in repairing water line leak in the slab are: locate the leak, determine whether it is a hot or cold water line, locate the line leaking, locate the two manifolds the line is attached two, cut and cap leaking water line to abandon, tie-in new water line at a manifold and run a new water line up the wall, through the attic and back down to the other manifold.

Helping Homeowners with Leaks

Mock Plumbing in Sugar Land, TX has served many homeowners with water line leak problems offering the best solution in every unique situation. Here at Mock Plumbing, our customers’ interest and satisfaction is our first priority.

damaged sewer line replaced, fix sewer, sewer pipe changed, repaired sewer, pvc pipe installedWhen you want to fix a sewer line leak and have the repair last a life time, there is much more than just digging a trench and gluing some fittings. Mock Plumbing recommends the use of sch 40 PVC pipe when installing sewer line. As shown in this post, Mock Plumbing replaced some damaged clay sewer pipe with sch 40 PVC. Most of the plumbers will tell you that it is an over kill to use a sch 40 pipe and a sch 30 for sewer pipe is sufficient. However, when you consider what a sewer pipe may encounter over a lifetime, you would realize why sch 40 pipes is the only way to go. Just imagine a pine tree that is planted right over the sewer line. After thirty years or more, this tree has grown over forty feet in height weighing over one thousand pounds which could easily crush a thin wall pipe.

For these reasons, hiring a reliable plumbing company that guarantees their work like Mock Plumbing is very important for any sewer line repair.  Call us today for a free estimate!