Sugar Land and Houston PlumbersA clogged sewer line is caused by several factors. It can be clogged with tissue paper, baby wipes, sanitary napkins, hair, and even chunks of food remains from your kitchen or sink. It can also be caused by roots of trees that had gotten their way into your sewer pipes. A clogged sewer is a plumbing problem you have to deal with right away otherwise you’ll be suffering from the bad smell and unsanitary conditions it can cause.

There are cases where you can fix the problem yourself. Many homeowners prefer trying out ways to unclog their sewer before calling a plumber to do it. One of the easiest ways to do so is by using a chemical cleaner like Draino. This cleaner contains chemicals or acids which can dissolve clogs in your sewer line. In addition, there are also tools like the force ball plunger, snake tool, and power rotors. These can be bought in your local hardware store.

However, if you’re not confident enough that you can fix the problem, it’s time you hire professional plumbers to solve it for you. And when it comes to quality plumbing services, chose only the highest customer rated plumber – Mock Plumbing Repairs in Sugar Land.

So why go for Mock? It’s very simple. We do more than just unclogging your sewer line. First we apply BIOCLEAN enzyme treatment in drains found in your kitchen which are the major cause of clogging. To prevent sewer drain blockages, we apply ROOT X treatment to your main sewer line. After applying these treatments, we conduct a thorough inspection and testing of all your faucets, drains, water supply lines, bathroom fixtures, and water heaters among others.

Aside from our one-of-a-kind service, you’re also assured that every plumber at Mock is licensed and insured. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that you can have your plumbing problems fixed and knowing that you won’t be held responsible for the plumbers in case of accidents.

What’s more, you can be free from clogged sewer problems for life if you engage our Residential or Commercial Service Agreement, which gives you the benefit of priority scheduling and severely reduced service call costs. Call Mock Plumbing today for a free quote.