Sugar Land and Houston PlumberLet’s face it. One of the major causes why we have plumbing problems, and toilet problems especially, is the fact that we don’t have enough time to conduct regular sewer cleaning. It’s sad to say but we only think of cleaning our sewer once we experience foul odor coming out of it or when our toilet is clogged. This isn’t how it’s supposed to be since broken sewer line can cost a small fortune to repair especially if the damage is already severe.

There are homeowners out there who can clean their sewer every now and then but the fact that they’re not really professional plumbers prevents them from actually cleaning their sewer line correctly. Worse, they also use cleaning materials which are hazardous to one’s health and the environment.  And this usually results in a clogged toilet.

Mock Plumbing Repairs has highly qualified professional plumbers in Sugar Land who are more than willing to unclog your toilet, and in addition to conduct regular sewer cleanings in your home. The company takes pride in our quality services which other plumbers struggle to deliver.  Toilet clearing and sewer cleaning is just one of our specialties which we are extremely proud of.

So how does Mock clean your toilet and sewer?  Our extensive cleaning method involves first unclogging the blockage that is not allowing the toilet to flush.  Then we  apply the revolutionary ROOT X treatment to your sewer line. This helps removes tree and shrub roots that grow within, block, and ultimately destroy your sewer pipe (creating a cesspool in your yard).  This also prevents you from needing to replace your sewer line, which can cost a great deal of money. This means you don’t have to worry about having blocked sewers and drains anymore.

But Mock’s services don’t end there. Our company also offers customers the chance to have all their plumbing needs handled by our professional licensed and insured plumbers with our Routine Scheduled Service Agreements or RSSA for a very affordable price. Our Platinum Service Agreement includes a bi-annual inspection and maintenance while our Gold Service Agreement offers it once a year. The best part is both agreements include discounts on parts and labor and priority scheduling.

With 5-star customer ratings online everywhere you look, Mock Plumbing Repairs is your number one choice for sewer cleaning as well as other plumbing needs. We’re open 24 hours a day and ready to help you.