Installation of  Handsfree Flushometer

Installation of Handsfree Flushometer

Installation of  Handsfree Flushometer

Improved sanitation, easy accessibility for all, greater comfort, and minimizing operating costs are some of the important benefits of renovating restrooms. In order to know which one to prioritize, one may need to take a closer look on each benefit.

Improving the sanitation by renovating restrooms must be a priority mainly because contact with unclean restroom fixtures, including urinals, toilets, sinks and paper-product dispensers can easily spread viruses, bacteria and illnesses from one person to another. Another benefit that is worth looking into is the comfort that will be experienced by the person who is going to use the restroom.

A user goes for fresh, attractive restrooms that provide great comfort rather than using unsanitary or stale-smelling facilities. Easy accessibility especially for those with disabilities must not be taken for granted as well. Restroom facilities must be available, comfortable and easily accessible as expected in all modern buildings.

Aside from improving sanitation and reducing odors, restroom renovations also can help lower costs. It can minimize the costs due to reduction of water use because of better-controlled flow times and volumes or waterless fixtures installations. Furthermore, cleaner restrooms can lower costs by improving users’ health resulting to lesser number of employee absences while increasing the productivity of a healthy employee.

In this post, Mock Plumbing removed the old flush valve off a urinal which required someone to use their hands to flush and replaced it with a hands free device. Hands-free fixture is one way of preventing restroom fixture cross-contamination and therefore, can improve cleanliness and sanitation.