Water Heater in Sugar Land

Installation of Water Heater in Sugar Land

Water Heater Installation in Sugar Land

Prior to spending too much money whether it may be for a new storage-tank water heater or for a tankless or solar water heater, try to find out first if your old water heater can still be repaired. An old corroded storage-tank heater is history but a few years’ old heater with just a leaky drain or pressure-relief valve or even a burned-out heating element can often be repaired.

The rule of thumb when deciding whether to replace or repair old water heater is: If the cost of labor averages less than $50 per year over the years left in the warranty then consider a repair. Otherwise, purchasing a new one is the way to go, especially when the warranty has expired.

Although most storage-tank water heaters look similar on the outside. It has been confirmed in the lab by sawing open a cross-section of gas and electric storage-tank models that spending a little more will end you up with a better water heater. Those with longer warranties tend to have these advantages: thicker insulation, thicker or longer corrosion-fighting metal anodes and larger heating elements.

Mock Plumbing always recommends purchasing a water heater from a plumbing supply store. Water heaters sold at your local home improvement stores are much cheaper than a plumbing supply store, but the water heaters sold at plumbing supply stores are a much higher quality water heater that will outlast those sold at home improvement stores.