Install Disposal in Sugar Land

Install Disposal in Sugar Land


Install Disposal in Sugar Land

A large part of house garbage is kitchen waste. The best way to deal with kitchen waste is, of course, to install a garbage disposal. Many new homes come with them already installed.  But if you don’t already have one, or if the one you have just broke, installing a disposal makes it easier to get rid of the kitchen waste that can quickly pile up without one.

Do you want to get a new garbage disposal for your kitchen? Before you choose a disposal, you should know that there are three types of disposals. You should select the type according to your requirements.

Continuous Feed

Continuous Feed models are the most common models for home use. All you have to do is turn on the water and turn on the machines and the machine will take care of the garbage. When you are done, you turn off the machines and the water. The button to switch the disposal on and off is located on the wall near the sink. At the bottom of the machine is a button to fix any jams. Continuous Feed models are less expensive as compared to other garbage disposal systems.

Batch Feed

A batch feed model only starts when the lid is on. This is a really good choice for homes with children, since this model cannot be started automatically. It only works when the lid is on. In a batch feed model, you put all the wastage and the water in, cover the lid and the machine starts to operate.

Septic Tank

The last one is a septic tank model. The septic tank model works just like the continuous feed model. The difference is that this model has cartridges that contain enzymes, which help in breaking the wastage. These cartridges need to be changed every 4 months.

Tips to Use A Garbage Disposal System

If you want to avoid jamming, you should not put fibrous foods such as celery in the disposal system. The fibers in these types of foods get wrapped around the blades of the disposal and cause a jam. Seeds of fruits like peaches can damage the blades and reduce the efficiency of the system.

A lot of people put drain cleaners in their disposal systems. This practice is not good as drain cleaners can cause rust on the blades. If the drain cleaner is very strong it can cause damage to the whole disposal system.

You should always use cold water in a garbage disposal. If you use hot water, it will cause a buildup on the blades and they will stop working effectively.

If you want to sharpen the blades you can put in some ice cubes or eggshells in the disposal.  This does not actually sharpen the metal blades, but it does knock off the gunk that builds up on the blades to decrease their sharpness.  And speaking of that buildup, since the garbage disposal deals with most of the kitchen waste, sometimes it begins to give a foul smell. If your garbage disposal is giving a foul smell then you should put in some baking soda with water.

Are you planning to install a garbage disposal in Sugar Land? If you are, then you should hire a professional plumbing company. There are a lot of plumbing and electricity concerns in connection with installing a disposal and it is best to take good care when you are installing a garbage disposal.

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