Install a Garbage Disposal

The proper use of garbage disposals is important if you want to be able to use it for a lifetime. Most people have the misconception that that they are trash cans and end up treating them that way, which leads to damages and endless repairs. Any fat accumulated from cooking should never be thrown into these as they will only solidify in the grind chamber, leading to drain blockage.

Any hard food products such as shellfish or bones should also not be thrown into the garbage disposals because when the grinding blade comes into contact with them it will cause these to dull and work inefficiently. If you have fibrous food waste such as vegetables, coffee, egg shells, and banana peels, they should be disposed of directly into the grind chamber although of course the better place to dispose of them is in the trash can.

If you want to have a healthy disposal system, it is important that you have it installed by a professional plumber. Proper installation of your garbage disposals is a must if you want to keep on using them for a long period of time.

Aside from proper installation, you should also conduct regular maintenance whether that maintenance is daily, weekly, or monthly. Better yet, have professional plumbers such as Mock Plumbing Repairs come over and do the work for you. You will save time and money by having an expert check your disposal bin and examining what went wrong.

Garbage disposals contain some sharp parts and it’s also not the prettiest or easy kind of job to do. Mock Plumbing has years of experience installing and repairing just about all plumbing problems you may encounter in your home. Mock Plumbing offers Routine Schedule Service Agreements to all customers in the Sugar Land and South Louisiana areas, which allows customers to enjoy the benefits of a regular assessment in your home systems. Expert plumbers will be able to detect any foreseeable problems and fix them on the spot, saving you time and money because regular assessments cost less than the usual service calls.