Gas Line Installation and Repair Should Be Tackled By A Professional

Gas leaks are dangerous, unstable and should be treated with the utmost precaution. By no means should homeowners try to solve the issue on their own. Mock Plumbing has the skills and experience needed to prevent and repair these kinds of hazardous situations.

How to tell if there is a Gas Leak

Not all types of gas can be smelled. Natural gas is odorless, so signs of nausea that disappear when breathing in fresh air is a sure way to discover a gas leak. Old or used appliances can be the cause of a gas leak. Purchasing used appliances is not advised and it is important to have your seals checked frequently to prevent unnoticed leaks. A few ways to detect a gas leak include:

  • A crisp blue flame instead of an orange or yellow flame
  • A pilot light that doesn’t turn on and off properly
  • Soot or scorched areas located on the outside of the appliance
  • Abnormal amounts of condensation on the windows
  • Musty smell

After discovering a gas leak, turn off the gas. It is necessary for anyone who lives in a home with a gas line to know where the valve is located and how to shut it off. Open the doors and windows to let the fresh air flow in and avoid using anything electronic or flammable, as it may ignite the gas. Once located safely outdoors, immediately call professionals to have the issue fixed in a timely manner.

Mock Plumbing Knows How to Repair your Gas Line

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