Gas Leak in Sugar Land

Gas Leak in Sugar Land

Gas leak in Sugar Land

Yes, natural gas leaks are not as common as clogged drains or water leaks. However, a gas leak is far more dangerous than any other household problems that you might encounter. Therefore, it is very important to have the ability to identify a gas leak. Every year in Sugar Land, there are a lot of cases of gas leaks and it is helpful to have a company you can call right away when you have a gas leak.

So, how do you know when there is a gas leak in your house? What should you do when there is a gas leak in your house?

Well, natural gas doesn’t actually have a smell.  The scent you smell when you smell gas coming from a gas source (such as a stove) before lighting it is added at the gas company’s processing station for the explicit purpose of allowing people to know when natural gas is present in the air.  Otherwise, pure natural gas has no color and no smell.  This added sense of smell helps a lot in detecting a gas leak.  A gas leak is often marked by a very noticeable rotten egg smell.  It’s important that if you smell that scent at a time that you wouldn’t normally expect to, check to see if a valve has accidentally left open… otherwise… leave the area immediately.

If you smell a gas leak then you should sharpen the sense of seeing and listening. A natural gas leak will often give a hissing sound. If the gas leak is out of your house, you will see dead grass or some abnormal growth around the gas leak. At the spot of a gas leak bubbles are formed in water pockets. This is another sign that can help you in detecting a gas leak.

There is a slightly higher chance for gas leak in houses during the winters since most of the people use their gas during this time of the year. Whether you have a gas stove or not, you should understand how to detect a gas leak. You may be at somebody else’s house and being able to detect a gas leak might save your and others’ lives.

So, your house has a gas leak… what should you do?

The first thing you should do is to leave the room or the area that has the gas leak. You don’t have to open the windows, just leave the place. Avoid doing anything that could cause a spark. Don’t turn on or turn off the lights. And do not cause any friction. These things can cause the gas to ignite resulting in a deadly explosion.

Immediately call a professional company to deal with the gas leak. Gas leak cannot be left unattended. It is a severe danger to you, your family and your neighbors. Therefore, it is important that you call a professional and EXPERIENCED company to fix the gas leak.

Gas leak in Sugar Land? Call mock and leave the rest to us. We have been fixing gas leaks in Sugar Land for years and our experts know how to fix a gas leak with maximum safety. Your safety and comfort is the prime concern of Mock.