Drain Clog Houston

Drain Clog Houston 

Drain Clog Houston

A drain clog is one of the many plumbing problems that regularly haunt Houston residents. Thankfully, there’s Mock Plumbing Repairs to answer their call for help. The company’s been around for years and their quality services made them famous around Houston. It’s no wonder then that many homeowners only hire mock for clog drain and other plumbing concerns.

But why does drain clog happen in the first place? There are many reasons why this thing happens in many households. One of the most common culprits is food. There are times when you wash dishes or clean fruits or vegetables and some remains fall into the drain and get stuck on the pipe. After a while, they start to build up until your drain becomes clogged up.

Another common cause is hair. This is especially true in drains found in the bathroom. When taking a bath, hair falls to the floor and is carried off by water down the drain. However, it can get trapped on the pipe and cause it to clog up.

We also use many household items with chemicals that can cause drain clog. We may think that they’re washed away by water but in fact, they just cling to the pipes and cause a chemical reaction. Soon, they form a solid residue that blocks the passageway and that’s when your drain gets clogged.

Many homeowners immediately resort to pouring de-clogging solution on clogged drain. Indeed there are products that have been tested and proven to remove clog but the question is, are they safe and effective? Sad to say but these products are very harmful because of their high chemical content. They can cause allergic reactions and respiratory related illnesses like asthma. Worse, they can only remove clogs temporarily. They are not the best means of putting an end to your drain clog problem.

So what’s the most practical and wisest thing to do? Simple- hire Mock! Home of the best plumbers in Houston, they have skilled and licensed plumbers who can solve all your plumbing problems right away. Aside from fixing your drain clog, they can also conduct regular check up on your entire house’s plumbing to prevent other damages and repairs.

Mock is ranked no. 1 in the list of plumbing companies in Houston. They live by their goal which is to provide topnotch services to customers in Houston and the surrounding areas.