Damaged Galvanized Water Line Replacement

Damaged Galvanized Water Line Replacement


Galvanized Water Line Replacement

Galvanized pipe was used extensively as water supply lines in new construction prior to the 1960’s. It is no longer used in homes nowadays.

Galvanized pipe has a tendency to react with minerals present in water, producing a build of calcium deposits that can lead to lower water pressure. Large amounts of calcium build up in the pipes can eventually cause water flow restriction.

Galvanized steel pipes can last approximately forty years until it needs to be replaced but hard water in the home generally reduces its life expectancy. Oftentimes, houses that are built 50 years or older may have galvanized water lines that were run below the slab.

Leaks usually start under the slab particularly when the water supply lines are 50 years or older. The damaged water lines need to be abandoned over a period of time and re-routing of new water lines is a must. In this photo, Mock Plumbing removed the damaged galvanized water line then replaced the section of the pipe with a PEX water line.

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