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Converting a Tub to a Shower

Have you ever tripped coming out of the tub or your body is just too tired of climbing in and out of your bathtub? These are some issues that prompted this customer to ask Mock Plumbing to convert the cramped tub into a spacious shower. This tub to shower transformation is also a better option if you have someone in the household that cannot access a bathtub due to some disability. In addition, having a shower instead of a tub is more convenient to use for an elderly family member.

Mock Plumbing Can Convert Tub to Shower

Whatever the reason for doing this may vary but one thing is for sure, Mock Plumbing offers tub to shower conversions quickly and cheaply. In little time, Mock Plumbing will make sure that your new shower is safe, convenient and perfect for any customer. Mock Plumbing is proud to be able to help any and all customers who want to make this conversion.