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The Right Company for Sewer Repair in Sugar Land

Clay sewer pipe is dated way back hundreds of years ago but still found in use all over Sugar Land today. The clay pipe had been popularly installed until the 50’s and 60’s. This pipe is fairly brittle and will crack if significant pressure is applied. More often than not, tree roots become embedded within a crack and make their way inside drawn to a water source. These clay sewer lines are being replaced with PVC in the Sugar Land and Houston areas daily. If you find that this is the type of pipe you have, you should probably look into having it replaced and by a company that knows how. Due to the brittle nature of the clay sewer pipe, it is easy for a company that does not have experience with this issue to create a bigger problem than there was before. Mock Plumbing is a company in Sugar Land and Houston which has extensive experience with clay sewer pipe and with sewer repair as well.

Sewage is pretty much the last liquid you want pooling in your front yard, so it is important to keep a close eye on these things. If you suspect you might have a problem developing, then you should consider contacting Mock Plumbing at 225-317-1992. We are always happy to be able to help a customer in need and we firmly believe that when it comes to plumbing, no question is a dumb question.

When searching for a reliable plumbing company for sewer repair, call Mock Plumbing to give you a free estimate. We do this because we so strongly believe that our job is to help our customers. Mock Plumbing has helped many customers with damaged sewer and is the best choice for sewer line repairs in Sugar Land and surrounding communities.